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We, at the American Merit Academy, organize educational camps during school breaks; each contains one or more of the following components: academics, non-academics, fun and adventures, and admission preparation.

1) Academics
Aptitude Tests Prep
2) Non-Academics
Team work
Organizational skills
Time management

3) Fun and Adventures
Museums and Farms
Theme Parks
Sports and Indoor & outdoor activities
4) Admission Preparation and University Tours
Early Prep for Admission
Roadmap to Admission
Visits to Universities




Upcoming Camps

AMA West Lafayette Summer Camps, 2018, Indiana, USA.
Target Participants: 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students from Kuwait.


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Camps Schedule

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Why West Lafayette, Indiana?

Why Focus On Math and English?

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For all inquiries about our camps, please contact us at
or if you are interested in meeting a Camp Coordinator in Kuwait,
call us (or send a message via Whatsup) at 92216939, 51259955