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We specialize in university preparation with a focus on bringing students up-to-date with relevant learning standard by:

Providing Tutoring Services Organizing Camps Preparing Support Material

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AMA West Lafayette Summer Camps for 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students from Kuwait

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*If you need more info about the camps or you need to meet a Camp Coordinator in Kuwait, please call us (or via Whatsup) at:
92216939, 51259955

Camp 1 (3 weeks)
July 1st - 23rd , 2018

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Camp 2 (3 weeks)
July 23rd - Aug 14th, 2018

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About Us

The American Merit Academy is managed by Hana Alraeesi, a citizen of Kuwait. Hana Obtained her B.Sc in Mathematics from Virginia Tech. Motivated by her personal experience in preparing her own children for university admission, she strongly realizes the importance of early preparation and bringing students up-to-date with relevant learning standards for university admission and success.


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